Printable Copy of Handbook


Students must be mature enough to follow these rules and obey adult authorities respectfully, or they will not be  allowed to attend classes at the Training Center.


Purpose of the Training Center:

The Training Center exists to partner with parents in their homeschooling journey. We offer college preparatory classes to assist parents with preparing students to become whom God designed them to be.

Christian Worldview:  Training Center classes are taught from a Biblical worldview perspective with courtesy and respect. While we recognize that all enrolled families may not be Christians, we expect all students and families to follow the tenets of Christianity when attending classes, completing assignments and interacting with teachers and fellow students.

Parent Responsibility: While TTC provides one class time a week, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the student completes his work for each and every class. If a student is consistently not turning in work, they may be dropped from their class and may not be allowed to continue at TTC. The parent’s responsibility is to keep current with how their student is progressing in their classes by accessing whatever grading program the teacher uses. The parent’s responsibility is to maintain a student’s educational records regarding final grades to formulate a transcript when needed. Parents must ensure students follow the dress code and have all needed supplies for the day.

Financial Commitment:

We ask that parents share the same full-year commitment as the teachers. Each teacher may decide to go forward with a small class based on this full-year commitment. Additionally, in any full class, each student has taken a seat that might have gone to another student. However, we understand that sometimes a class may be other than expected, or there are circumstances where a student can not complete the class. In this case, if a student drops before September 30, they will owe an additional two months of tuition. After this date, the full year’s tuition will be required. Parents not in good standing with tuition will not be allowed to register for classes in the future.

Payment Policies:

Family registration fees and T-shirt orders paid to TTC are due upon registration, and students are not signed up for a class until they are received. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition is paid to each teacher individually and on an annual basis and may be broken into ten equal installments as a courtesy to our families. The first installment is paid with registration, post-dated July 1, and the remaining tuition installments are paid from August 1- to April 1. These payments are not based on the number of weeks in the month. Likewise, the annual fee may also be divided into two equal semester payments. Teachers may have additional supplies and or curriculum fees, and the parents purchase books and other supplies.

Tuition is due the first of each month.  If it is after the 10th then you are required to add a late fee of $10 per student per class.

Inclement Weather Policy: 

We consider all area school districts when determining whether to cancel classes. We will update the website homepage with closing information. In the event of cancellation, teachers may require classes on Zoom.

Illness Policy: 

If a student or a member of the family has had any of these symptoms within the last 24 hours, do not attend classes:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath
  • A hard cough
  • A constantly runny nose with yellow/green tint
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Red or runny eyes
  • A sore throat or swollen glands
  • Any undiagnosed rashes
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Chills
  • Close contact with someone with Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19


If a student is absent due to illness, it is their responsibility to contact the teacher. Teacher will let them know their policy for turning in homework.

If a student is absent due to a pre-planned trip or event, the student must let the teacher know and either complete the work ahead or have it ready to turn in on their first day back.

Student Responsibility:

Students will arrive at class on time and be prepared with homework assignments and supplies for the day. Students will be aware of the dress code and follow it, and the student agrees to abide by the code of conduct.

General Dress Code: All students are expected to follow the dress code on TTC premises. If a student is out of the dress code, they will not be allowed to attend class. The student will be required to call a parent and wait in the front lobby until they receive a change of clothes. They may attend their next class when they are dressed according to the dress code policy. However, they cannot interrupt the class from which they were dismissed.

This dress code will be strictly enforced, so please double-check the student’s attire before leaving the house. Teachers have the right to remove a student from the class for any dress code violation.

Dress Code:

A Training Center shirt must be worn by all students while on campus. The Training Center logo must be visible.

All Students

_ Pants and jeans should be without holes above the knee, in good repair, and fit properly, not baggy or tight.

_ Students may wear sweatpants/joggers if not tight fitting. No yoga pants or leggings.

_ No low-rise apparel is allowed. No underwear should show at any time.

_ All teachers have the right to ask that hats or caps be removed while in their classroom.

Pull-over sweatshirts/hoodies and sweaters may NOT be worn. Zip-up or button-up jackets and sweaters may be worn with the TTC shirt as long as they are free from graphics and writing. TTC has hoodies and sweatshirts for sale which meet dress code approval.

_ No shorts may be worn.

_Appearance must be appropriate for biological gender.


_Skirts may be worn; however, they must be knee-length and have slits no higher than 2 inches above the knee.

_Legging/yoga pants may not be worn.

Rules and Conduct: Any student who violates these rules may be sent home.

  1. Respect those in authority as well as other students.
  2. Respect church property as well as the property of others. Vandalism will not be tolerated. Parents/students will be held responsible for fees for any damages.
  3. Sign in and out at the front desk each day. Students may only leave campus with a person(s) approved by their parents.
  4. All students must be in a classroom or Study Hall and are NOT permitted to hang out outside or in the parking lot. Students may NOT sit in cars.
  5. No public displays of affection on campus.
  6. No weapons/knives/tobacco/vaping devices/alcohol/drugs on campus. No discussion of drugs/alcohol/sexual behavior will be tolerated among students.
  7. No gum
  8. Bring water bottles as there is not always a water fountain available.

Study Hall:

The Training Center will provide an area for students between classes to wait. This is not designed for students to “hang out” before or after their classes are completed for the day. Please pick students up promptly after their last class. All students must be off campus no later than 10 minutes after their last class of the day.

The Study Hall is for Jr. High and High School students attending classes at The Training Center. Students must register for Study Hall on the Family Agreement Form.

  1. Electronics will be allowed as long as headphones are used. No sharing of electronic devices will be allowed, and they may not be displayed or used in any place other than the study hall or lunch.
  2. The area must be cleared of trash and personal items before leaving.


Lunch space is provided for those that have classes before and after lunch. There is not a microwave or a refrigerator available. Clean up after yourself.

Cell Phones:

Cell phones are not allowed during class hours.  If a student has their cell phone out, the teacher may collect his/her phone and give it to the monitor.  The parent must pick it up from the monitor after classes are complete for the day. If you must communicate with your student, do so after class.  

The Training Center teachers look forward to partnering with you in your homeschooling journey.